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Delwen Samuel


2005- Visiting researcher, Nutritional Sciences Division, Kings College London

1997-2005 Wellcome Trust Fellowship in Bioarchaeology, Institute of Archaeology, University College London & Nutritional Sciences Research Division, King’s College London

1997 Scottish and Newcastle Fellowship, McDonald Institute, Cambridge

1994-96 NERC major research grant, microscopy and ancient foods, McDonald Institute, Cambridge

1990-93 British Academy post-graduate studentship, Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

1986-89 Freelance archaeobotanist, excavations in Syria, and at Amarna, Egypt.

1985-6 M.Sc. in Bioarchaeology, Institute of Archaeology (now part of UCL). Canada NSERC post-graduate studentship (held in Britain)

1980-84 BSc, Major: General Biology, Minor: Classics; Bishop's University, Lennoxville, Québec, Canada.


Amarna, Egypt: I worked at this site, directed by Barry Kemp (Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of Cambridge) from 1987 to 1999 on a variety of projects, all linked by ancient food. I established a pump-driven flotation recovery system for plant remains and charcoal as well as small bones and insects (recovered well by flotation in desiccated environments). I oversaw the archaeobotanical recovery and analysis of both Amarna occupation periods: the well-known Pharaonic New Kingdom, and the Late Antique levels, until 1999, when I handed over responsibility for archaeobotany in order to concentrate on my residue research. In addition, I have experimented extensively with ancient Pharaonic cereal processing techniques, drawing together the excellent archaeo¬logical evidence for both domestic and state processing. I have made a survey and recovered surface stone tools, mainly saddle querns, from across the site. I have prepared a typology of the querns.

Tell Zagan and Tell Hwes, Syria (1987-1989): recovery and description of small assemblage of plant remains from rural Bronze Age sites.

Tell Nustell, Syria (1988-1989): recovery of small assemblage of plant remains from rural Bronze Age site.

Qaryat Medad, Tell Guftan, Tell Shheil, and others, Syria (1988-1989): in a large-scale flotation programme I recovered a substantial assemblage of plant remains from a series of Medieval Islamic (9th-14th c. AD) rural sites of the middle Euphrates valley; now fully published.

Kinet Höyük (Turkey): I set up an archaeobotanical recovery system at this multi-period site in 1995 at the invitation of Dr. Marie-Henriette Gates (Bilkent University, Turkey).

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